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S/MIME Message

Use this form to create a signed and/or encrypted message using S/MIME.
The subject of the message.
The recipients' names. You can type partial names for recipients who are in the Directory. To add a recipient's name, click Add after typing the name.
If you typed a partial name, and it is unique in the Directory, the rest of the name is filled in after you click Add. If the partial name is not unique, the Directory opens with a list of all the names that match. Select the name you want, then click Select. You can select multiple names. Names in bold are currently logged in.
81203_42935_18.gif?src=.PNG Tip
To open the Directory without typing a partial name, click Add with the field blank.
To remove a recipient, click the Delete icon beside that recipient's name.
Fill in this field like the "To" field. These recipients are copied on the message.
Fill in this field like the "To" field. These recipients are blind copied on the message; they are never visible to To or Cc recipients. This allows you to copy people without your other recipients being aware of these copies.
S/MIME type
The security that you want to apply to this message. Signed verifies the sender's identification and also verifies that the message contents haven't been altered in transit. Encrypted encrypts the message contents. Signed & Encrypted does both.
The private key's password. This is only required if you specified a password for your private key. If you did, you must supply this password with every S/MIME message you send.
To attach a file that is on your computer to this message, click Browse and select the file. After it appears in the "Attachments" input field, click Attach. To attach a FirstClass object, click On Server, then select the object. You can attach multiple files.
To remove an attachment, click the Delete icon beside it.
Send button
Sends the message. This button is only displayed after the message is addressed.
Save button
Saves the unsent message in your Mailbox.
Reset button
Reverts all values back to what was last saved.

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