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New in this version


• quick search using the search field on the summary bar
• summary bar shows how much of your allotted disk space you have left
• summary bar shows the path to the open container; you can click any container in this path to go to it
• the names of users who are currently logged in are in bold
• limit the users who can see whether you are online
• view users' Directory information from the Directory or Who's Online list
• collapse and expand groups individually
• temporarily list only a selected type of mail, such as unread mail
• specify the FirstClass look and feature set
• place an object in the pane you want or hide it
Working with objects
• change objects' properties, including making them protected, auto open, or stationery
• new object field redesigned to remove need to click New
• add links to FirstClass containers to your Desktop
• create untimed events
• day view shows untimed events at the top
• reminders appear as toolbar buttons
• specify default reminder timing for events and tasks that you create
• set a "snooze" time for reminders, to make them reappear
• change one occurrence of a repeating event
• change the category and color of received events, and change their reminder specifications
• accept event invitations on a tentative basis
• invitations from users without permission to add events to your calendar are sent to your Mailbox
• participants are automatically asked to respond
• specify a time zone for calendar tasks
Contact management
• address books have been renamed Contacts folders
• attach files/FirstClass objects to personal addresses
• create contact databases that you can share with other users
• Index Card view
• specify the personal address form to use for a contact database
Instant messaging
• chats are now called instant messages, and public chats are called chat rooms
• web browser users have continual "presence" on the server, meaning they can be invited to an instant messaging session
• can moderate instant messages
• attach files to instant messages
• save transcripts
• control what others who enter instant messaging sessions in progress see in the transcript
• let others know you are temporarily unavailable
• create public chat rooms
• change appearance of quoted text in replies
• replies include the time the original message was sent
• send secure S/MIME messages
• Home Page Folder renamed to My Web Site (intended for viewing shared objects using the web)
• My Shared Documents folder (intended for viewing shared objects using the FirstClass client)
• My Documents folder (intended for storing private objects)

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