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FirstClass toolbars


You access FirstClass commands through buttons on toolbars. Depending on how your administrator set up FirstClass, you may see these buttons on the top of the page or on the side, with or without text.
81203_42521_14.gif?src=.PNG Note
Each page has its own set of buttons. If you don't see the button you want, go to another page. For example, to use the Directory and Preferences buttons, go to your Desktop.
If you only see icons on toolbar buttons, and your web browser supports tooltips, you can display them to see what a toolbar button does. If you can't see tooltips, see the descriptions below for buttons that always appear without text:
1232003_43031_0.gif?src=.PNGAdd to Desktop
4202_51915_2.gif?src=.PNGCreate Mail To
6702_21103_0.gif?src=.PNGFinal Page
6702_21140_1.gif?src=.PNGFirst Page
4202_51650_0.gif?src=.PNGMark as Read
12203_15751_0.gif?src=.PNGMove Down in List
12203_15836_1.gif?src=.PNGMove Up in List
6702_21458_2.gif?src=.PNGNext Page
1232003_43200_1.gif?src=.PNGOpen User Info Form
6702_21535_3.gif?src=.PNGPrevious Page
1232003_43920_9.gif?src=.PNGRun Manual Rules
1232003_43936_10.gif?src=.PNGRun Receive Rules
1232003_43428_4.gif?src=.PNGShow All Items
1232003_43501_5.gif?src=.PNGShow Incoming Items
1232003_43522_6.gif?src=.PNGShow Outgoing Items
1232003_43552_7.gif?src=.PNGShow Unread Items
1232003_43613_8.gif?src=.PNGShow Unsent Items

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