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Setting FirstClass preferences


Setting preferences

Setting preferences
You can customize how FirstClass behaves in a number of ways. For example, you can display only unread messages, create an automatic reply for mail, and specify whether to accept instant message invitations.
To change a preference:
1 Click Preferences.
2 Update the
Preferences form.

Specifying your time zone
By default, FirstClass displays dates and times in the same time zone as your server. It does not use the time clock on your computer.
If you are in a different time zone than your server, you will need to adjust FirstClass' time zone so that dates and times display in your local time. To do this, choose the appropriate time zone at "Time zone" in your viewing preferences. Make sure you choose the time zone that applies to your exact location.
81203_42521_14.gif?src=.PNG Note
FirstClass automatically adjusts for standard and daylight savings times.

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