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Checking who is online


How to tell who is online

How to tell who is online
All names in bold are currently connected to your server.
81203_42521_14.gif?src=.PNG Note
Names in italics won't accept instant message invitations.
You can also see a complete list of everyone who is online by clicking Who's Online.
You can select a user and do the same things from the Who's Online list, such as sending a message to a user, as you can do from the

Hiding your presence
If you don't want everyone to know when you are online, you can limit who is able to see this information. To do this, choose the group of users for whom you want to show your presence at "Show presence to" in your instant messaging preferences.
When you are online, users in the groups not selected at "Show presence to" won't see your name in bold, and you won't appear in their Who's Online list.
81203_42521_14.gif?src=.PNG Exceptions
Your administrator can always tell when you are online.
If a show presence preference has been set for your user group, that will override any choice you make.

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