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Working with object content


About object content

About object content
FirstClass objects such as documents, messages, and calendar events and tasks contain content in the body (the bottom section) of the object. This content can consist of text, embedded pictures or other files, horizontal lines, page breaks, markers, and links.
With the exception of text, you must use the FirstClass client to add content.
To type content, click the body section of the object, then start typing.
Immediately after you have made a change in the body, you can undo it by right-clicking and choosing Undo (Windows only).

About embedded files
An object can contain picture files, sound files, or other types of files that are embedded directly in the content.
You can preview and
download embedded files just as you can files attached to messages.
572004_44255_0.gif?src=.PNG Caution
If you click Edit Form to make the object editable, embedded items revert to text-only placeholders. If you then save the object, these changes are made permanently.

Searching for text
To search for specific text in content, use your web browser's find feature.

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