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Calendar tasks


Adding calendar tasks
Updating calendar tasks

Adding calendar tasks
To add a task to a calendar:
1 Open the calendar.
2 Click New Task or the New Task icon in the Today list.
81203_42521_14.gif?src=.PNG Note
You can also create a task on your personal calendar without opening the calendar by choosing New Calendar Task at the Create field.
3 Update the basic task information on the New Calendar Task form.
4 Update the Reminders section, if you want to generate reminders for a task with a due date.
If you add a reminder to the task, this icon is displayed beside the task:

5 Add content just as you would for a message, if necessary.

Viewing calendar tasks
Overdue tasks are shown in red. Completed tasks have a line through them.
To see task details, open the task.

Updating calendar tasks
To change details about a task, open it and make your changes.
If you change the start date, the task will move to the appropriate date on the calendar.
Changing calendar task status
To change the status of a task, choose the appropriate status at "Task state" on the task form.
If you choose Completed, you must change the "Completed on" date to the appropriate date.
81203_42521_14.gif?src=.PNG Shortcut
If you do not already have the task open, you can change the task status to Completed by clicking the task icon. This fills in the "Completed on" date with today's date.
Completed tasks drop to the bottom of the list.

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