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FirstClass pages


Page appearance
Customizing page appearance
Going to specific pages

Page appearance
A FirstClass page showing the contents of a container normally consists of:
• a summary bar
• one or two
If there are two panes, the upper pane normally shows objects in that pane as icons. The lower pane shows objects in that pane in a list view with columns.
The summary bar shows:
• the page name
• a summary of page contents
If items are indicated as Hidden, this means that your viewing
preferences are set to hide items that you have read.
• the server and your user name
• the amount of your allotted disk space (storage quota) that you have left on the server
• the
permissions you have on this page
• the path to this page
• a quick search field.

Customizing page appearance
You can change the following by updating your web preferences:
• the general FirstClass appearance and feature set
• the location of toolbars, and whether toolbar buttons include text
• the maximum number of objects to list per page
• the size of icons
• the number of columns to display when in an icon view.
81203_42521_14.gif?src=.PNG Note
Your choices won't work if your administrator hasn't made them accessible on your server.

Going to specific pages
To go to your Desktop, click Desktop.
To go to your Mailbox, click Mailbox. To move between pages in your Mailbox, click Next Page, Previous Page, First Page, or Final Page.
To return to one of the pages displayed in the path on the summary bar, click it.
To go to the next level up from your current page, click Up One Level.

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