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About calendars


About calendars
Opening calendars
Calendar views
Calendar reminders

About calendars
Your personal FirstClass calendar is like a personal organizer. It records calendar events and tasks.
Unlike a personal organizer, you can permit other people to view and update your FirstClass calendar. This allows everyone to schedule meetings at mutually convenient times.
FirstClass calendars work much like conferences; your administrator may create public calendars and give you access to them, or you can create your own calendars and give others access to them.

Types of calendars
FirstClass supports the following types of calendars:
• personal calendar
This is your own calendar. You can limit other users' access to your personal calendar by updating your calendar
permissions, just as you would update the permissions of a calendar that you created.
• group calendar
A public calendar that lets a specific group of people coordinate their time and tasks.
• resource calendar
A public calendar that represents a specific resource, such as a projector. A resource calendar is updated when users book the resource as part of creating a calendar event.
• location calendar
A public calendar that represents a specific resource, such as a meeting room. Location calendars are updated just like resource calendars.

Opening calendars
To open your personal calendar, click Calendar.
To open another user's calendar:
1 Select the user in the
Directory or Who's Online list.
2 Click Open User Calendar.

Calendar views
You can look at a calendar using the same List view as you use for conferences. While in this view, you can do the same things you do with messages, such as viewing deleted items. To show this view, click View by List.
In addition, there are the following specialized calendar views:
• month - click View by Month
• week - click View by Week
• day (shows events only, in time slots) - click View by Day.
Tasks and untimed events are displayed at the top of this view.
In month and week views, there is a Today list that shows events that take place today, and tasks that are either still ongoing or completed today.
Calendar navigation
The arrows at either end of the date range at the top of the calendar let you scroll backward and forward through calendar pages.
To go to the page containing a specific date, choose the appropriate values from the date fields, then click Go. You can also go to the current month, week, or day by clicking the link beside these fields.
To go from the month view to the week view for a specific week, click the arrow beside that week.
To go from the week view to the day view for a specific day, click the date.
Customizing calendar views
You can customize your month and week calendar views in the following ways:
• display week numbers (month view)
• change the day on which the week starts (month and week views).
To customize your calendar views, make the changes you want to your calendaring preferences.

Calendar reminders
When you create calendar events or tasks, you can tell FirstClass to generate reminders. If you are logged in, reminders appear as Calendar Reminder buttons on your toolbar at the times you specify.
To see a calendar reminder, click Calendar Reminder. To see details of the event or task, click Details on the reminder form. To make this reminder appear again, specify when you want the reminder to reappear in the field beside Snooze, then click Snooze.
To specify a default reminder time for all events and tasks that you create, update "Set default reminder" in your calendaring preferences.
If you aren't logged in, reminders are sent to your Mailbox as messages.
Forwarding calendar reminders to pagers
FirstClass can notify you of calendar reminders through your pager, if you have an email-enabled paging system.
To forward calendar reminders to your pager, update your paging preferences. Choose Yes or Urgent Only at "Calendar items".

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