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Creating public calendars


Creating calendars
Updating calendars' Directory entries

Creating calendars
You can create group, resource, and location calendars just as your administrator does. If you have trouble getting your calendars to work as expected, contact your administrator.
To create a public calendar:
1 Open the
container where you want the calendar.
2 Choose the appropriate type of calendar from the
Create field.
3 Type the calendar name.
You can open the
Info form to update other properties, if desired.
4 Set calendar
81203_42935_18.gif?src=.PNG Tip
You can also change permissions for your personal calendar, if you want to change the expiry period for items in your calendar, give other users more or less permission to use your calendar than is normally allowed, or subscribe other users so that your calendar appears on their Desktops.

Setting calendar permissions
To specify the permissions for your calendar:
1 Open the calendar.
2 Click Permissions.
3 Update the
Calendar Permissions form.

Providing information about calendars
You can provide other users with information about a calendar by creating a résumé for it. To do this:
1 Click Permissions with the calendar open or selected.
2 Click About.
3 Click Edit Form.
4 Update the
Personal Address form.

Updating calendars' Directory entries
A calendar's Directory entry shows you the calendar name and location. You can update certain calendar information. To do this:
1 Click Permissions with the calendar open or selected.
2 Click Directory.
3 Update the
Directory Information form.
To stop this calendar from being listed in the Directory, select "Unlisted". To assign an alias to this calendar, type the name at "Alias".

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