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Introducing FirstClass
About the FirstClass system
FirstClass objects
Logging into servers
Connecting to servers

About logging in
Logging in as a registered user
Logging in using an IMAP client
Changing your password
Connecting to multiple servers
Logging in with multiple user IDs
Logging in from multiple computers
Disconnecting from a server
If you are asked to log in again
Basic concepts
FirstClass pages

Page appearance
Customizing page appearance
Going to specific pages
FirstClass toolbars
List view
Sorting by column
Showing the newest item first
Grouping items
FirstClass conferences
About conferences
What you can do in a conference
Approving messages in conferences
FirstClass folders
About folders
Creating folders
Moving messages into folders
Setting FirstClass preferences
Setting preferences
Specifying your time zone
The FirstClass Directory
About the FirstClass Directory
Listing Directory names
Narrowing the Directory list
What you can do from the Directory
Checking who is online
How to tell who is online
Hiding your presence
Working with objects
Basic object manipulation

Opening objects
Selecting objects
Creating objects
Moving objects
Renaming objects
Deleting objects
Hiding objects
Searching for objects
Printing objects
Putting links on your Desktop
Changing object information
Changing information for messages in multiple locations
Protecting objects
Making objects open automatically
Changing object locations on pages
Customizing your Mailbox
Changing your Mailbox permissions
Specifying mail handling rules
Creating conferences
Creating conferences
Setting conference permissions
Specifying mail handling rules for conferences
Providing information about conferences
Updating conferences' Directory entries
Conferences and mailing lists
Subscribing conferences to mailing lists
Writing to mailing lists
Working with object content
About object content
About embedded files
Searching for text

Listening to voice messages
Reading fax messages
Selecting what to list
Working with unread messages
Working with message threads
Dealing with Called, No message notifications
Dealing with junk mail
Retrieving mail from Internet mail accounts
Creating messages
What happens when you create a message
About message forms
Creating messages
About stationery
Using stationery
About personal stationery
Creating personal stationery
Changing personal stationery
Addressing messages
Addressing messages using the Directory
Addressing messages to conferences
Addressing messages to Internet addresses
Addressing messages to gateway addresses
Using addresses from other messages
Removing recipients
Adding signatures
About signatures
Creating signatures
Adding signatures to selected messages
Sending messages
Requesting special message handling
Sending messages
Unsending messages
Checking whether messages have been read
Replying to messages
Replying to messages
Specifying default reply recipients
Specifying quoted text formatting
Replying automatically
Forwarding messages
Forwarding messages
Forwarding messages automatically
Forwarding messages to pagers
Setting up automatic mail handling
About mail rules
Creating rules for received mail
Creating rules for sent mail
Creating advanced rules
Sorting rules
Running rules on demand
Rules logs
Sending secure messages
Obtaining secure certificates
Generating certificate files
Exchanging S/MIME messages
Contact management
About contact management

About contact management
Your Contacts folder
Viewing contact databases
Adding personal addresses
Adding mail lists
Updating contact information
Grouping your contacts
Creating contact databases
Creating contact databases
Setting contact database permissions
Transferring files
About transferring files

About transferring files
Files stored in containers
Files attached to messages
Attaching files to messages
Removing attachments
Previewing attached files
Downloading attached files
About calendars

About calendars
Types of calendars
Opening calendars
Calendar views
Calendar reminders
Calendar events
Adding calendar events
Viewing calendar events
Updating calendar events
Deleting calendar events
Responding to invitations
Sending invitations over the Internet
Calendar tasks
Adding calendar tasks
Viewing calendar tasks
Updating calendar tasks
Creating public calendars
Creating calendars
Setting calendar permissions
Providing information about calendars
Updating calendars' Directory entries
Instant messaging
About instant messaging

About instant messages
Responding to instant message invitations
Joining public chat rooms
Starting private instant messages
Creating public chat rooms
Setting instant messaging preferences
Using instant messaging
Contributing to instant messages
Naming instant messages
Inviting others
Adding files to instant messages
Temporarily leaving instant messages
Changing polling frequency
Saving transcripts
Moderating instant messages
About documents

About documents
Creating documents
Updating documents
Sharing personal information

About résumés
Updating your résumé
Viewing others' résumés
Sharing information on the web
About the My Web Site folder
Creating content for My Web Site
Specifying a home page document
Viewing others' web site contents
Unified Communications
Voice greetings

Types of voice greetings
Creating voice greetings

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