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Changing object information


Changing information for messages in multiple locations
You can change some information, such as name, icon, and expiry date, for an object. To do this:
1 Select the object.
2 Click Properties.
3 Change information on the Info form for the
link or other object as required.
For objects with an editable
header, such as unsent messages, you can change information, such as name and subject, directly in the header.

Changing information for messages in multiple locations
If you send a message to two conferences, the message is stored in your Mailbox, with links to the message in the two conferences. Each instance of the message, whether the original message or a link, has its own set of information.
Changing the information in one of these locations doesn't change the same information in any other location. You may change the subject of the message in your Mailbox, but the original subject will remain in the conferences. Also, you may not have permission to change information in certain conferences, even though you sent the message.
If you need to change information in all locations, go to your Mailbox and unsend the message, change the information, then send the message again.

Protecting objects
To protect an object so that it can't be changed, moved, or deleted, select "Protected" on the object's Info form.
To unprotect an object, clear this field.

Making objects open automatically
You can make an object open automatically whenever it is unread (or contains unread items) and the container in which it is located is opened. This is useful, for example, for providing a document that describes the parent container. The first time someone opens this container, the document opens immediately.
The following objects can auto open:
• an unread object, such as a message
• a container that contains unread objects
• an unread link.
The link opens the object to which it points.
To make an object open automatically, select "Auto open" on the object's Info form.

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