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Customizing your Mailbox


Changing your Mailbox permissions
You can control the mail in your Mailbox by:
• changing Mailbox permissions
• setting up mail rules to handle your mail automatically.

Changing your Mailbox permissions
You can update the permissions on your Mailbox to:
• stop messages above a certain size from being accepted
• specify when messages expire
Expired messages are deleted automatically.
• control specific users' access to your Mailbox.
To update your Mailbox permissions:
1 Click Mailbox.
2 Click Permissions.
3 Update the
Mailbox Permissions form.

Specifying mail handling rules
You can set up mail rules that tell FirstClass how to handle the messages in your Mailbox. For example, FirstClass could send mail containing the word "budget" in the subject to a subfolder called Budgets.

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